Sustainable Digital Transformation with DIGITALYS

Digitalys focuses on delivering sustainable digital transformation strategies, projects and solutions to SMEs. 
We don’t need to stay in the past with legacy and outdated infrastructure and technologies.
We don’t need to wait for the future to make the world more efficient and more sustainable.
We use the technologies of today to change our present. We work with innovative SMEs and their business ecosystems delivering sustainable digital transformation that supports and enables them to transition to a green and digital economy.

Although sustainability is most often associated with the environment, but in fact sustainability has three main pillars: economic, environmental, and social. A sustainable digital transformation tackles all three pillars. Let’s have a short introduction in the next few paragraphs.

Often a traditional approach to digital transformation is when a company acquires software solutions to transform their business model from analogue to digital. If the company stops its digitalization efforts with just the purchase of some software, then their digitalization cannot be sustainable. A company needs to reconstruct its processes, resources and operations which takes time and requires serious change management. At the end, the company acquires digital skills to become a true digital innovator itself leading its own partners and clients to move to digital too.

Sustainable digital transformation is also in allowing businesses to use circular economy models and innovate in green(er) technologies. For instance:

  • Open-source software emphasises the common good and fosters innovation by allowing tech-savvy players to access and improve technology for free.
  • Open hardware does the same for physical products; if electronic devices are unlocked for third-party software, businesses can compete and develop better applications to run on them.


To conclude, going paperless is one first step (read about one of our projects), but it’s just the beginning on the road to sustainable digital transformation. The use of technologies such as the Cloud, IoT, Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence and many innovative solutions can support your business in a true sustainable digital transformation. Check our article on some examples of existing sustainable digital solutions.