Rebranding News

We are excited to inform our clients and our network about the rebranding. DIGITALYS is the new name for our consultancy company created back in 2018 in Luxembourg. The previous name was E.L.I.A.S.
The reason for this rebranding is the extension of our offer from consultancy alone to advisory services too as well as the offering of high performance technology solutions (SaaS). Our focus remains the same: to deliver sustainable digital transformation strategies, projects and solutions.

In short, here’s our extended offer:

  • Services
    • Business Intelligence and Automation
    • Creation of Digital Strategies
    • Management and Administration
  • Solutions
    • Digital Skills Assessment
    • Document Management
    • Employees Insights
    • Advanced Forecasting
    • Tokenization
    • and more.

Check more details on our dedicated pages for Services and for Solutions.