Early 2019, Digitalys invests in a Blockchain company; 3 years later it is a Future 40 start-up !

Thanks Digitalys for the support from the beggining! The journey is still long but major milestones have been accomplished since 2018 indeed!

What is Blockpulse?

Blockpulse accelerates the development of your business

Fundraising in a secure, fast and affordable way is now possible. Simulate your financing transaction, generate your legal documentation and digitize your closing to simplify your life and that of your investors.

Allocation plans (BSPCE, BSA, AGA)
Easily interest your talents in your capital based on best practices. Beyond the simulation of the impact and the generation of legal documentation, piloting your plans has never been easier.

Shares sales
Carry out a transfer of securities in a few minutes in a completely dematerialized way. Your registers are updated instantly.

Digitalys CEO is one of the finest ICT advisors working out of Luxembourg we know!!!

An amazing success story…

Back in May 2018, DIGITALYS  met Thibaut Ingelaere at Vivatech, a young and a bit shy, but a determined guy. He was looking for business angels to invest in the idea he had with his business partner. We invited them to pitch for LBAN – Luxembourg Business Angel Network, then introduced them to the The LHoFT – Luxembourg House of Financial Technology where they were part of the family for a while.

We were only a few to invest at first, but enough for them to start. Later, they became part of other incubators and then at STATION F where they acquired more and more support from investors and different actors.

The team grew with time and now are part of Future 40 out of 1000 startups. And, it’s only the beginning…