Building your Winning Teams Remotely with our 2,000+ Skills Tests

With new ways of working and new technologies, skills are cropping up everyday, and we need to pivot to catch up to them. However, without proper skills assessment solutions to measure and benchmark the talent pool, organizations will lose the best-fit talent.
Digitalys provides dependable talent analytics, AI-powered skills assessment tools, and expert guidance to help create your winning teams.

Simplify your Remote Hiring Process
Whether you are an enterprise or a small business, assess candidates remotely and grow your team with our plug-and-play remote hiring solution (comprehensive skills library, AI-enabled proctoring, video assessments, insightful reports…)

Build a Scalable and Cost-efficient University Recruitment Strategy
Whether you are conducting virtual career fairs or campus hiring drives, our end-to-end university recruitment solution helps you assess and hire the best graduates from universities across the globe

Diversity and Inclusion
Go beyond resumes and geographical barriers to create a hiring process that eliminates biases and evaluates candidates only on skills.

Learning & Development Assessments

Identify Digital Transformation Readiness of Employees
The entire ecosystem is undergoing a massive change due to digital technologies. Manual processes have made way for automation in almost all core functions in the workplace. With Digital Transformation, leaders can focus on the more important aspects of the business.

  • Ensure thorough digital transformation initiatives by first assessing employee readiness for digital skills necessary in the coming years
  • 50+ digital skills including UiPath, AI / ML, IoT, Blockchain, Analytics, Automation Anywhere, AWS, Azure, and many more

Leverage our Self-assessment Portal for Upskilling Employees
Let employees take control of their upskilling initiatives. They have the liberty to select and take an assessment for their domain or preferred skills.

  • Self-assessment portal for employees to track, measure, and benchmark their performance against company standards
  • Select from 200+ job-role tests, 2,000+ skills including Digital Skills, Enterprise Applications, Cloud, Infrastructure Management, Application Development, Aptitude, Banking, & more

Create a Client-ready Pool
Ensure your employees are client-ready and have in-depth knowledge of niche skills. They should also be capable of performing a host of duties, in addition to one specialized skill.

  • Measure employee capabilities for a host of skills
  • Match them against standards set by potential clients
  • Carry out upskilling initiatives that do not fit the client’s criteria

Make sure your employees are client-ready by assessing their skills and improving their craft with our upskilling assessment portal.